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Letter Type Date Gramps ID Person
B Birth E0120 Cato A. J. L. Thomas
    about 1768 E0208 Bernardus De Smet
    calculated between 1795-11-18 and 1796-11-18 E0195 Panus Joseph Vergauwen
    about 1796 E0212 Everardus Bontinck
    about 1804 E0209 Fredericus Heyrman
    about 1806 E0211 Barbara Janssens
    about 1808 E0207 Seraphina Vergauwen
    about 1818 E0206 Julianus D' hooghe
    1822-05-21 E0198 Benedictus De Smet
    1827-12-02 E0130 Josephus Jacobus Janssens
    about 1836 E0205 Anna-Maria Van Doninck
    between 1836-05-29 and 1837-05-29 E0200 Karel Lodewijk Eeckelaert
    1838-11-11 E0128 Maria Emerentiana Winant
    about 1841 E0204 Cornelis-Arnoldus Geldof
    1841-01-22 E0157 Ludovicus Heyrman
    calculated between 1841-08-13 and 1842-08-13 E0166 Melania Goossens
    before 1842 E0214 Amelberga De Maeyer
    1842-03-27 E0202 Rosalia Bontinck
    1842-08-30 E0067 Henricus Fidelis D' hooghe
    1842-11-17 E0075 Joseph Bernard Vergauwen
    estimated about 1843 E0073 Rosalia De Prost
    calculated between 1843-04-25 and 1843-12-07 E0076 Melania Brasseur
    calculated between 1852 and 1852-09-05 E0072 Theophiel De Reyck
    calculated between 1853-08-04 and 1854-01-07 E0069 Octavia De Bouw
    1862-12-26 E0170 Barbara Heyrman
    1863-06-06 E0160 August Van Hove
    1864-08-12 E0172 Sidonia Heyrman
    1866-03-25 E0155 Maria-Florentina Geldof
    1866-07-28 E0153 Fidelis Heyrman
    1868-07-10 E0175 Maria Stephania Heyrman
    1869-02-08 E0147 Amedeus De Smet
    1870-05-07 E0176 Petrus Aloysius Heyrman
    1872-02-07 E0177 Charles Emmanuel Heyrman
    1873-05-24 E0178 Marie Leontine Heyrman
    1875-01-27 E0093 Maria Catharina van den Brande
    1875-02-10 E0179 Marcelis Heyrman
    1875-10-06 E0090 Leopold Maria Paulus Janssens
    1876-11-29 E0180 Stephanus Heyrman
    1877-07-23 E0114 Frederic Hermann Opitz
    1878-11-01 E0162 Judith Heyrman
    1879-01-06 E0042 Pharaïldis D' hooghe
    1879-04-25 E0037 Maria Ludovica Julia Vergauwen
    1879-09-04 E0048 Adolf Julius De Reyck
    1880-09-11 E0045 Karel Lodewyk De Reyck
    1880-10-25 E0181 Martinus Heyrman
    1881-04-06 E0046 Karel D' hooghe
    between 1881-05-18 and 1882-05-18 E0136 Joanna Van Boven
    1881-11-29 E0047 Adolf De Reyck
    1882-01-26 E0149 Cecilia Clementina Vergauwen
    1882-05-27 E0026 Clementina Eeckelaert
    1882-10-06 E0182 Maria Stephania Heyrman
    1883-01-11 E0116 Lucia Adriana Maria Thomas
    1884-12-06 E0034 Rosalia Maria Virginia Vergauwen
    1885-07-05 E0030 Prosper D' hooghe
    1889-05-00 E0168 Maria Florentina Heyrman
    calculated between 1895-04-13 and 1896-04-13 E0066 Clementina Van de Vreken
    between 1896-08-08 and 1897-08-08 E0123 Joannes Baptista Alphonsius Dierckx
    1900-08-23 E0065 Fredericus Josephus Janssens
    1904-04-20 E0158 Henricus Franciscus Heyrman
    1905-01-14 E0118 Henriëtte Opitz
    1906-01-28 E0058 Franciscus Verhaegen
    1907-07-11 E0087 Eugeen Jozef Oudermans
    1907-08-24 E0041 Leonia Juliana Hortensia Van Goethem
    1908-02-09 E0102 Agnes Julia Janssens
    1910-05-17 E0124 Maria Catharina Hennen
    1911-01-10 E0104 Emiel Leopold Janssens
    1911-03-15 E0049 Ivona Melania D' hooghe
    1911-07-23 E0143 Sidonie Marie Heyrman
    1912-09-03 E0109 Adriana Huberta Cato Opitz
    1912-10-10 E0141 Louis Adolf Honoré De Reyck
    1913-04-10 E0005 Cecilia D' hooghe
    1913-05-11 E0137 Livinus Victoor De Smet
    1925-04-10 E0014 Agnes Maria Janssens
    calculated between 1926-02-08 and 1827-02-08 E0197 Barbara Van Machelen
    1932-11-13 E0017 Jozef Constant Oudermans
    1933-07-12 E0100 Emil Janssens
    1936-04-30 E0002 Fideel Adolf Raymond De Reyck
    1943-10-18 E0111 Leon Janssens
    1945-10-08 E0097 Jozef Martin Verhaegen
    1948-04-19 E0215 Joseph Verhaegen
    1955-01-11 E0084 René Verhaegen
    1960-07-19 E0011 Dirk Raimond De Reyck
    1963-08-08 E0023 Erik Jean Hubert De Reyck
    1965-07-31 E0008 Maggie Dierckx
B Burial 2006-08-05 E0007 Cecilia D' hooghe
    2011-01-07 E0016 Agnes Maria Janssens
    2015-12-12 E0013 Dirk Raimond De Reyck
C Confirmation 1976 E0080 Maggie Dierckx
C Cremation 2012-06-12 E0010 Maggie Dierckx
    2013-06-18 E0019 Jozef Constant Oudermans
    2014-05-21 E0004 Fideel Adolf Raymond De Reyck
D Death E0038 Amedé De Smet
    E0044 Livinus Victoor De Smet
    E0121 Cato A. J. L. Thomas
    1882-11-04 E0183 Maria Stephania Heyrman
    1885-01-13 E0163 Judith Heyrman
    1889-06-06 E0169 Maria Florentina Heyrman
    1901-01-10 E0131 Josephus Jacobus Janssens
    1911 E0129 Maria Emerentiana Winant
    1917-12-22 E0103 Agnes Julia Janssens
    1933 E0156 Maria-Florentina Geldof
    1944-08-10 E0150 Cecilia Clementina Vergauwen
    about 1945-01-00 E0096 Fredericus Josephus Janssens
    about 1945 E0099 Clementina Van de Vreken
    1945-11-11 E0098 Jozef Martin Verhaegen
    1946-09-15 E0094 Maria Catharina van den Brande
    1950-10-12 E0091 Leopold Maria Paulus Janssens
    1953-04-27 E0154 Fidelis Heyrman
    1960-04-10 E0117 Lucia Adriana Maria Thomas
    1961 E0027 Clementina Eeckelaert
    1963-01-16 E0031 Prosper D' hooghe
    1963-08-17 E0035 Rosalia Maria Virginia Vergauwen
    1970-11-13 E0115 Frederic Hermann Opitz
    1972 E0119 Henriëtte Opitz
    1973-06-14 E0148 Adolf De Reyck
    1977-08-19 E0152 Sidonie Marie Heyrman
    1978-10-31 E0039 René Verhaegen
    1979-09-27 E0040 Franciscus Verhaegen
    1989-10-27 E0088 Eugeen Jozef Oudermans
    1993-08-06 E0105 Emiel Leopold Janssens
    1994 E0101 Emil Janssens
    1994-02-10 E0110 Adriana Huberta Cato Opitz
    2006-07-29 E0006 Cecilia D' hooghe
    2011-01-03 E0015 Agnes Maria Janssens
    2012-06-04 E0009 Maggie Dierckx
    2013-06-11 E0018 Jozef Constant Oudermans
    2014-05-14 E0003 Fideel Adolf Raymond De Reyck
    before 2014-05-14 E0043 Maria De Kimpe
    2015-10-11 E0112 Leon Janssens
    2015-12-06 E0012 Dirk Raimond De Reyck
    2019-12-24 E0216 Joseph Verhaegen
    2022-03-24 E0217 Erik Jean Hubert De Reyck
F First Communion E0078 Maggie Dierckx
M Marriage E0184 Ludovicus Heyrman Melania Goossens
    E0189 Cornelis-Arnoldus Geldof Anna-Maria Van Doninck
    1862-01-16 E0133 Josephus Jacobus Janssens Maria Emerentiana Winant
    1888-05-05 E0185 August Van Hove Barbara Heyrman
    1888-10-06 E0188 Fidelis Heyrman Maria-Florentina Geldof
    1898-11-09 E0095 Leopold Maria Paulus Janssens Maria Catharina van den Brande
    1926-04-21 E0190 Henricus Franciscus Heyrman Leonia Juliana Hortensia Van Goethem
N Naturalization 1956-11-21 E0108 Emiel Leopold Janssens
O Occupation E0057 Franciscus Verhaegen
    E0106 Emiel Leopold Janssens
    E0107 Emiel Leopold Janssens
    E0122 Joannes Baptista Alphonsius Dierckx
    E0132 Josephus Jacobus Janssens
    E0140 Prosper D' hooghe
    E0161 August Van Hove
    E0165 Ludovicus Heyrman
    E0167 Melania Goossens
    E0171 Barbara Heyrman
    E0174 Fidelis Heyrman
    about 1841 E0210 Fredericus Heyrman
    about 1842 E0213 Everardus Bontinck
    about 1842-11-18 E0194 Panus Joseph Vergauwen
    about 1869-02-09 E0199 Benedictus De Smet
    about 1879 E0032 Henricus Fidelis D' hooghe
    about 1879 E0033 Henricus Fidelis D' hooghe
    about 1879 E0068 Octavia De Bouw
    about 1879 E0070 Theophiel De Reyck
    about 1879 E0071 Theophiel De Reyck
    about 1879 E0074 Rosalia De Prost
    between 1882-01-26 and 1884-12-07 E0036 Joseph Bernard Vergauwen
    about 1882-05-29 E0201 Karel Lodewijk Eeckelaert
    about 1912 E0203 Adolf De Reyck
    about 1913 E0145 Amedeus De Smet
    about 1913 E0146 Amedeus De Smet
    before 1914 E0092 Leopold Maria Paulus Janssens
    about 1925-04-13 E0064 Fredericus Josephus Janssens
    about 1936 E0142 Louis Adolf Honoré De Reyck
    1938 E0139 Prosper D' hooghe
    about 1938-05-23 E0138 Livinus Victoor De Smet
    about 1960 E0144 Fideel Adolf Raymond De Reyck
    about 1993 E0086 Jozef Constant Oudermans